Walking Three Dogs

Currently I have 3 dogs.

2 are mine...1 is a foster, of which I am currently failing to find him a home...other than mine.

Walking 3 dogs is like juggling multiple objects in a hurricane.

I have narrowed things down to make them easier, as far as walking all 3 dogs at once.  2 dogs are on a tandem leash and the other a single one.  They still get tied up and at times all 3 want to go in different directions.

So what does this have to do with Kyusho, or self defense for this matter?

In last weeks Blog, I was talking about trying to take things that you would not necessarily use in a self defense scenario because it would make the process of "installing" the material that much harder and therefor less likely that you could pull it off...if your life depended on it.

As I walk the dogs several times per day, I am reminded how much like a self defense situation this is.  You must pay attention or juggle many things.

Two of the dogs like to pick up things they find on the ground.  Staying aware of where we are walking, what is on the ground in front of us and in our path is just as important as knowing your terrain in a fight, surveying the area (quickly) and staying aware as you move through the fazes of the situation.

So as you can see...filling your head with things you will not use like theories about color, sound, etc. will only hold you back and honestly...could get you killed.

Be careful to whom you entrust your education with and ask as many questions as possible whenever possible.

My question for you today is, can you see how walking 3 dogs, or juggling anything makes whatever task you are doing that much harder and what can you do to make it easier on yourself?

Until next time KO your obstacles by keeping it simple, keeping it safe, and train with PinPoint™ accuracy.


Mark Kline is a short, bald, professional martial artist from NJ.  He is the architect of the PinPoint™ Method of Pressure Point Education for Martial Arts which is hosted by the Kyusho Institute.  He has thousands students and followers around the globe training in his unique method of learning through a combination of live seminars and online education.  You can can find more information about this unparalleled Kyusho Educational program here, where you can get 30 days free to try it outhttp://www.KyushoInstitute.com and he can be reached directly by email - mark.kline@kyushoinstitute.com


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