I see Dinosaurs

     The last of the non avian dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago due to either an asteroid hitting the earth or volcanism spewing so much debris into the air, sunlight was choked off, photosynthesis was disrupted and the entire food chain was thrown way outta wack!

     I am fortunate to have the opportunities to work with people all over the world through seminars, my DVDs and my online program...the PinPoint™ Method.

     I was fortunate to train extensively and personally with Prof. Wally Jay over a 10 year period.

     It was great hearing some of the stories that Wally (he asked me to call him Wally, so if you are offended by this...get over it as there is no disrespect on my part) would bring up at seminars, dinners, etc. and one comes to mind with regards to today's blog.

     "You cannot fight World War II with World War I weapons!"

     This was something that Wally would talk about over and over again as he spoke about how he went about creating his system, Small Circle Jujitsu.

     Innovation was key to Small Circle Jujitsu becoming a well rounded system of Jujitsu.

     Each technique was analyzed and broken down via the 10 principles of Small Circle Jujitsu to increase the effectiveness of everything.

     I learned through this and my work with Prof. Remy Presas and George Dillman how to increase other elements of my martial arts training and while this is still an ongoing pursuit, it is embodied within my personal methodology...The PinPoint™ Method which continues to evolve.

     Most organizations fracture over time for one reason or another.  Most of the ones I was a member of did not have good curricula.  I hope I have solved that problem with my endeavor and continue to add to my work, etc.

     Most martial artists think they can do it better and they may very well be correct!

     The main issue I see over and over again is that they have taken what they have learned and repackaged and redistributed someone else's info.  There was no innovation, no forward progress other than using new and unique delivery methods, etc., hence...I see Dinosaurs!

     In order to grow and have your legacy last...make your own mark.  Work with as many people as you can and add to the art...not just repackage the work of someone else.  That is not adding to the art...just parroting...and that is not innovation and those people will go the way of the dinosaur.

My question for you today is, Where can you improve your art?  What resources and what resources are available for you to improve your legacy?

Until next time KO your obstacles by keeping it simple, keeping it safe, and train with PinPoint™ accuracy.


Mark Kline is a short, bald, professional martial artist from NJ.  He is the architect of the PinPoint™ Method of Pressure Point Education for Martial Arts which is hosted by the Kyusho Institute.  He has thousands students and followers around the globe training in his unique method of learning through a combination of live seminars and online education.  You can can find more information about this unparalleled Kyusho Educational program here, where you can get 30 days free to try it outhttp://www.KyushoInstitute.com and he can be reached directly by email - mark.kline@kyushoinstitute.com



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