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Such a Deal

Is your product or service a commodity like sugar, coffee, etc?


Do you have something unique to offer the world?

We all think we have the best this, the most effective that, etc., but do we really know?

We actually do not, until we put our "stuff" out there and see what the marketplace says.

I know from experience because I have been marketing my materials for over 20 years with almost 150 published titles & a hugely successful online Kyusho Education Program being studied in 30 + countries.

I started with VHS/DVD and then moved into the purely digital world a few years ago and continue to expand on that.

We all want a good included.

There are just some things where what you get is sometimes more important that what you pay...within reason.

Years ago, a student told me what an instructor from another school in our area said about the tuition I was charging.  This instructor said that I was too expensive and that they charged 1/2 of what I was charging at t…

The Next Best Thing

People like to jump around from today's "next best thing" to tomorrow's "next best thing."

This is true from the fitness industry to the martial arts industry and actually is just about every phase of our lives.  This is not to say that I am downplaying progress.

This whole "next best thing" is marketing.

So why do you think that people jump around so much?  Are they bored?  Easily distracted?  Just not serious?

These could be possible answers.  What about the fact that those marketing the "next best thing" could very well be just regurgitating anything and everything to make a buck with that being their only strategy...a short term one?  This too could be a possible answer.

From the development side, sitting down and developing a strategy...AND THEN STICKING TO IT (but flexible enough to pivot when necessary) is really important.

One reason I believe that people jump around so much is that the promises of expertise repeatedly fall shor…

A Cup of Concrete

All around us are some kind of opportunities...if you ask the right questions.

For example...when we say something like, "I can't do it."...the brain goes into shutdown mode and says, ok...lets just quit and find something easier, different, etc.

Now...if you change the above statement into a question like, "How can I do this?" or "What can I do to simplify the learning of this material."...then the brain goes into search mode and starts searching for answers how to do X, Y, or Z.

So to make this short..."The quality of your life is based on the quality of the questions you ask yourself."

I first heard this quote almost 30 years ago from Anthony Robbins through his Personal Power program and it still rings true today.  Whenever I hear people say they cannot do something...and I am guilty of this myself...I ask this, "What can you do to make this possible?"

This change in verbiage changes everything about the situation and how you …

Are you talking or DOING?

We hear of the KeyBoard Warrior all too often, but this is a recent phenomena of the last 20 years.

Prior to that you had people actually standing face to face discussing and actually training in the differences of "how they would do the technique" in a polite manner and usually they could come to some agreement as to who was right, or that they just agreed to disagree.

I have attended many seminars over the years, all over the world long before I was a featured Instructor.

One thing I would notice when looking around is that if the instructor talked for too long...he (There were mostly men teaching at that time and I am going on my personal experience) would start to lose the crowd.

Am I guilty of this?  I can be and I always try to keep in mind that the best way for the majority to learn is by doing...NOT BY SITTING OR STANDING AND LISTENING.

There is a time to lecture and story tell, and a time to do your job and help the people who are there to learn...LEARN.

This will …