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Please read in full as there is more to this article than politics.
This past weekend in Berkeley, CA there were protests.  Some were involving the release of of President Trump’s tax returns, some involved other issues.
In the United States we have the right to peaceful assembly.
Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances
The AntiFa group ( mostly, not all, wear masks to hide their identity.  Now why is that?  If you feel strongly enough about the topic to show about showing up fully.  What ever happened to “Stand up and be recognized?”  Oh wait...there are some, not all, of these people are paid by master manipulator George Soros groups to stir up trouble and therefore would be in violation of the …

Your Journey

Most of you reading this are on the same journey as I am...the Martial Arts Journey.

     Some are new to this journey and some of you are seasoned veterans of either the sport of martial arts, the fitness side of martial arts, or the self defense side...or quite possibly all three.

     Regardless of which Path you choose, we are all on this same journey, one of self improvement.

     What is the difference between the Martial Arts Journey and Martial Path?

     The Journey is us striving to be better people.  The Path is what we take to accomplish this.

     I know many people who have stayed the course of their journey over their many years, but their path has changed.

     When I first started I was heavily into the sporting aspect.  Part of the training was self defense oriented, but the Tang Soo Do school I was a part of was mainly sport...even though they did not want to admit it.

     After the best fighter (sport fighter that is) got beaten up by a wrestler and injured …


We make choices each and every day in every thing we do.
Think about it for a second...
Just the fact that you may or may not have stopped to thin about it...was a choice.
You also made a choice to read this blog now, push it off until later, or scroll right on by and not read it at all.  All of these are choices.
Choices are basically questions we ask ourselves.  For example..."What should I have for breakfast?  Should I cook something or just pick something up on the way to work?"  

Every second of every day we make choices for everything...even whether or not we finish reading this blog.  Hell!  Just me making the decision to write on this topic...was a choice.
So lets look at how choices affect our decision making with regards to self defense situations.  
The first choice happens before the altercation even starts...I mean waaaay before and this is with regards to training.  
Giving someone too many options can ultimately cause them to freeze up during an altercation and the en…


Most electronic products need to be shut down on occasion in order to reset.  This is commonly known as a "Reboot."

     Here is a great article detailing why rebooting your computer works and/or is helpful for solving certain problems.

     How then does rebooting your training work?

     Well, for one, if you cant remember why you started training to begin with, or why you continue...then this can be a problem.  What I mean is that these are questions that we have to ask ourselves in order to "validate" why we continue to train in general, and train with the same group of people.

     Some of us have been involved with martial arts organizations that don't teach things we are interested in...such as Kyusho, but since we have many friends...we continue and supplement our training through seminars, DVDs, and Online programs like mine.

     The "reboot" occurs when we find something like Kyusho or in my case it was when I simultaneously discover…