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Hurry up and wait!

We have a problem today...a big problem!

- We want everything yesterday
- For less $ (regardless of the value)
- We want instant access
- We don't want to train hard

In order to accomplish anything of any takes time.  Learning should not take a long time, but perfecting your craft does.

There is no FREE lunch...because anything free always comes with a catch.

My goal for all those who I work with is to accelerate the learning process so that you can spend more time garnering the expertise that you want. one goes into anything like Kyusho just to be mediocre.  If this was the case...most people would not bother.

There are 4 steps to learning anything:
- Unconscious Incompetence - You don't know you don't know it
- Conscious Incompetence - You tried whatever it is and you were not good at it

* This is the turning either walk away and find something else to do or you continue on.

- Conscious Competence -  You now understand the basic princ…

What's the best time to...

When is the best time to get Insurance?

When is the best time to get Supplies for the house?

When is the best time to get a security system for your house?


The answer to all of the above is...BEFORE YOU NEED IT!

After the will always cost you more and may be in short supply...because in a crisis...EVERYTHING becomes in short supply.

So...when is the best time to learn how to defend yourself?

Many people take up martial arts training after they get beat up, bullied, etc.

The best time to get started is as soon as possible.  Not hard core fighting, but there are some that are drawn to that aspect of the martial arts.

I believe that everyone should have at least a basic understanding of self defense.

I remember in elementary school through high school, through college we would have fire drills.  Why you ask?  Go ahead...ask!  BECAUSE then you would know what to do on a basic level.

It is important to understand the basics of safety training in many…


When we talk about positioning, we need to look at several factors involved.

There are several elements such as:

- Where you are in relation to your apartment
- How fast your opponent is coming at you
- How fast you react to your opponents attack
- What you're wearing
- How you are standing, etc. 
There are ideal situations and that's one thing we do train. We also have to take into account what happens if the situation all of a sudden changed which would be called a snafu.

The goal of my training, my personal training and how I instruct others is to become aware of where you are your surroundings etc. during the confrontation.
But rather than teach ABC techniques, we are teaching people how to respond after the initial defense.

So what I mean is the right hand comes at you and you successfully parry the movement, and now that I have successfully parried my opponent's initial attack,  I will be putting my body in a position that give me many options to end this confrontat…

Planned Spontaneity

How do you plan being spontaneous?  

How do you practice this?  

Is it spontaneous if you practice to do so?

When you "install" certain habits, whether they be mental or physical, and through practice and training, you will have the chance to achieve this state of planned spontaneity.

This can happen after years and years of practice.  One reason many people quit the martial arts...or most things for that matter is that they are not guided.  When I say guided, I mean that the teacher may not understand that each person has their own personal learning style (physical, visual, auditory, a combination of both, etc). 

A good teacher, IMO, should be aware that each student has different learning needs and the training should be tailored slightly.

Learning is not a "one size fits all."

How you train will determine how you react in a given situation.  This does not mean that training should be "Pedal to the metal" from the first class onwards...another reason why …