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Oh My God!

There are many people in the martial arts world that have a God complex.

     No one person knows it all...period, but there are still many to profess that they are the closest thing to God that their students will witness in their lifetimes.

     Not sure where they got that from.  Maybe it is the funny costumes we wear, the bowing, etc.

     Years ago, I was teaching an introductory class to a prospective student, who happened to be Muslim.  He was 7 or 8 years old.

     When we started the class, as just about every martial arts class all over the world is started, I said, "Now we will face each other and bow."

     He replied, "We don't bow down to anyone."

     "Ah" I said.  "You are Muslim."  and then turned to his mother and said, "Let me first explain to you why we do what we do.  If after that you are not comfortable with how we do things, then we can stop the lesson."

     She agreed.

     I turned to the boy and sa…

House of Cards

The foundation of any art is extremely important, especially something like Kyusho Jitsu (Pressure Point Fighting) where there is much more going on than meets the eye.

     The problem that I have encountered since 1991, when I first encountered Kyusho was that this seemed difficult to learn and through the study group I was in, not many of the higher ranked martial artists could really do the techniques...IN SLOW MOTION, without the threat of their partner trying to take their head off.

     These guys were very good at the sporting aspect that they learned through their Tae Kwon Do training so they had some great ideas on strategy, when it came to martial sport.  I remember that feeling I would get in the pit of my stomach that they were no better off than me with regards to Kyusho applications (when I first started this part of my journey).  They were great with regards to the theories and I have talked about this in past blogs. When I started seeing the intellectual disconn…


"Educators take something simple and make it complicated.  Communicators take something complicated and make it simple."               

                                                                                                                                     - John C. Maxwell

     When I started building my signature online Kyusho program...The PinPoint™ Method.  I was challenged by the people I had hired to help strategize, to take what was in my head and be able to not only teach it, but communicate it in a way that someone could learn it quickly.  

     This was no easy task.   It really took a lot of soul searching, some fights with the strategy people because we were each speaking a different language, and time.

     Once we were able to operate with terms that meant the same thing to each one of us I was able to start shooting test videos and then became the program that has gone all over the world.

     One problem I have run into time and time again is that ther…

Conservative Kyusho vs. Liberal Kyusho

As the world is the Inauguration of President Donald Trump.  Whether you like it or not, he will be the 45th President of the United States.

     This blog post is not about the Inauguration, but rather Conservative vs. Liberalism within the Kyusho World.

     In the Liberal Kyusho world, there are those who give you everything that you ask for, without looking at the bigger picture...Long Term Success in Learning Kyusho.

     They over-complicate the learning process by throwing so much at you that you can never learn the finer points and details.

     Liberalism focus's on change and reform.  I don't have a problem with that.  When your training or teaching in a complicated manner, the chances of success go down.  Fill your head with too much crap...all you do is slow down the learning process Big Time!

     Kyusho is not just wacking a specific part of the body.  It is supposed to be a targeted approach rather than, "Let's see what they wa…

Do you have PPA?

I really have not watched the NFL this season for personal reasons.

     I watched last week as the NY Giants got their heads handed to them by the Green Bay Packers.

     After watching how Aaron Rogers took apart the Giants defense with his arm, I figured I would watch the game today (Sunday).

     The game started off very one sided and the Packers immediately got off to an 18 point lead.  At
that point I decided to go do something else.

     I turned the game back on late in the 4th Quarter to see that the Cowboys had cut the Packer lead to 7 points.  With the game now tied and about 1 minute and thirty seconds to go, the Packers kicked a 52 yard field goal to go up by three.  The Cowboys quickly responded and kicked a 50+ yard field goal of their own with 35 seconds remaining.

     There was always the option for the Packers to just sit on the ball and take the game to overtime.  They were out of field goal range due to a sack.  It was going to take some Aaron Rogers magic…

Done it!

How good does it feel to say...Done!

     I'm willing to say that it feels pretty good.

     I keep a running checklist of things I have to accomplish during the week/month and literally attack the list.  Once I am finished with a task or part of a task, I click that it is done.  Some things may take a minute or so, some an hour or more.  It all depends on what the task is.

     I like to break the task down to the steps that I need to take to get the big picture different than putting a puzzle together.

     This is my approach...What is yours?

     Until next time KO your obstacles by keeping it simple, keeping it safe, and train with PinPoint™ accuracy.

Mark Kline is a short, bald, professional martial artist from NJ.  He is the architect of the PinPoint™ Method of Pressure Point Education for Martial Arts which is hosted by the Kyusho Institute.  He has thousands students and followers around the globe training in his unique method of learning through a …

Why Resolutions are Bullsh*t

We have all done it.  Don't say you have not.  If you do...then you are lying to the most important
 person in your life...yourself.

     The changing of a few digits on the calendar mean big things are going to happen.  NOT!
     Sorry...I hate to burst your bubble...well not really.  
     You and you alone are in control of your destiny through the daily decisions that you make AND follow through on....period.
     Can things change as you peel that onion (layer after layer) that is your life?  You betcha!
     It still comes down to you and you alone.  There are those that you can allow into your life to help you, but the key word here is allow.  You can listen to their advice, which is a good thing if you respect them, but this does not mean you have to follow it.  
     Again...the CHOICE is yours.
     Why do we have to wait until the time around the New Year to remake our lives?  Who said?   And more importantly...who the hell made us follow this advice?
     My poin…