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Are you Armed?

Are you Armed?

Having the proper fire power is a necessity these days.  Depending on where you live, leaving the house can be an adventure that you did not bargain for.  
Now I am not talking about carrying anything with you other than your wit, wisdom, and knowledge of Kyusho.
Knowledge is not is potential power.  There are many self defense systems in existence and ALL of them have one thing in must touch someone.  This touch can be during striking, grappling, or both.  
Why not arm yourself with intel about how the body works?  Even a basic understanding of the biomechanics of the body can go a long way with regards to increasing the successful outcome of a self defense situation.
A good understanding of body mechanics can do more than just help you defend yourself.  This can also help you move more efficiently.  So how does one go about doing this?  
There are many books, videos, and courses that one could take.  They are a…

Basically Speaking

For those of you who do know me...I am short bald guy who also happens to help people learn Kyusho around the globe through seminars and through my online education program hosted by the Kyusho Institute (The PinPoint™ Method),
I started this journey when I was 12 years old.  I began wrestling at Woodrow Wilson Jr. High School in Edison, NJ against the wishes of my parents.  They thought it would be a passing phase...well...I still have not gotten out of this phase that has lasted 36 years so far.
I was always interested in self defense because I was a smaller guy who had a big mouth at times.  
My first experience with sparring was of the verbal kind and I have been honing this craft for many years.  I still have a lot of work to do...but don't we all?
One thing my coaches drilled through me was to be good at the basics first because advanced techniques all have their roots in a strong basic foundation.  Without a strong foundation...there is no stability whatsoever...right?

Hey! I'm Styling!!

What is a style with regards to the martial arts?  
IMO it is not only a teaching methodology, but a learning methodology as well.  
Instructors have to learn HOW to teach.  Just knowing the material is not enough.  You can be an encyclopedia of knowledge and have credentials out the wazoo (this is a highly technical term) and this means nothing if you do not have the ability to connect with your audience.  As the saying goes, "People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care."
As a teacher, your job is not only to impart your knowledge to others, and to help them learn it quickly, efficiently, and of course safely.  The job of a teacher is to make the experience for the student exceptional.  The class should be about the student, not a stage for the instructor to show off what they know or how good they are.  That is great for a demo...not for teaching classes.
Connecting with your students is the key...IMO and it really simple...remember that we instruct…

Drugs and Training

What if I can tell you that you can harness the power of drugs to help you train to greater heights?
Now I am not talking about the illegal kind.  Not at all.
I am talking about the pharmacy that exists within your body and how to harness those chemicals.  
Remember the first time you were scared?  For some this is a paralyzing experience...and one that can be very dangerous to you.  For others...they were invigorated by the surge of adrenaline.
There are several ways that this can be trained.
One way, of course, is scenario training.  You first slowly learn the techniques.  Then you practice them at varying speeds against different people.  When you are ready, the training gets a little more realistic.  This all depends on your instructor, but no one should get permanently injured while learning.  
There are some systems that allow you to attack a very heavily padded man.  This is not my preferred method, and I can see the validity of this type of training.  This allows someone to really b…