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What the hell are you thinking?

To be really fluent in any must first be able to think in that language.  Latin based languages have different characteristics than an example.  In English we may describe a car of a certain color as, "the blue car", while in Italian for example, the same description may read as, "la machina blu (the car blue).  
As one becomes accostomed to languages, this becomes prevalent.  
The study of Kyusho is the least to me.  I have a simple intial part of my method (the PinPoint™ Method)...get out of the way.  This could encompass a simple leaving the scene, or if that is avoid the initial attack and simultaneously put yourself in an optimal position to end the confrontation as quickly like as possible.  
Though the study and training of the PinPoint™ Method, students and instructors are focused on the intial reaction first so that their targets "reveal" themselves almost immediately and the practitioner now has the …

In Kyusho Veritas

Veritas -

Latin,literally"truth,truthfulness,"fromverus"true"(seevery ). LatinphraseinvinoveritasisattributedtoPlinytheElder,thoughthereisaGreekversionofit.

Kyusho is the study of how the body works.  It is a study of not only the self defense aspects of survival, but also the health aspects.

For the purpose of today's discussion I am going to focus on Self Defense which includes:

- Energy cultivation (Chi)
- Body Dynamics
- Pressure Point Striking
- Pressure Point Grappling
- Spinal Reflex
and more!

I am going to use Body Dynamics as the focal point of this post.

When you have good Body Dynamics, you have good Energy cultivation.  

When you have good Body Dynamics, you have better Pressure Point Striking.

When you have good Body Dynamics, you have better Pressure Point Grappling.

When you have good Body Dynamics, you have better Spinal Reflex reactions from your opponent.

Each part of the puzzle is intimately interrelated.  Each piece can function by themselves...just no…

The Ultimate Technique

Is there such a thing as the Ultimate Technique?

In the original Karate Kid, Mr. Miyagi said, "Best block, no be there."

So if this is true...then the best technique is one were you don't do one:-)

For me, part of this concept / statement is missing.

Each situation can determine the best technique for that situation.  So, no...there is no ultimate technique.  That does not mean that you do not train for different situations.

Awhile ago I wrote about How Many Do you Need?  where we talked about how many techniques one should keep in their arsenal.

Something to think about...the situation will determine the technique...not the other way around.  The amount of force used to defend oneself has to be proportional to the threat involved.

With regards to Law Enforcement and the Military.  There is an ultimate sacrifice whereby they give their life in the line of duty.  In this case...the word Ultimate is proper.

There is no ultimate technique.  There are great ways to train to…

Are you planning?

There is that old adage that if you are failing to plan then you are planning to fail.

Let's take a look at this with regards to self defense.

Years ago I remember  looking through the martial arts magazines and each ad for videos was stating how many techniques they teach.  Once I can remember...and still have the image burned into my brain...was, "We teach 425 techniques!"

I don't know about you...but there are times I have a hard time remembering what I had for lunch yesterday.

Now I know that the part of brain responsible for long term memory is different than short term memory and am using this as tongue in cheek, but the bottom line is that too much different information could possibly stun and confuse your opponent...or it could stun and confuse you...and that would be

How many techniques are enough?

Well...lets change the question first.  My ideas on this are that it is not about the #'s of techniques that you are using, but how you can quickly…