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One question that I always get when discussing the topic of Kyusho (Pressure Point fighting/self defense) is this...How can I add this into what I am already doing?

That is a great question that is easily answered and through the teaching methodology of the Kyusho Institute, becoming much easier to implement than ever before!

Movement is movement.  There are only so many ways to move the body and a good understanding of body movement is vitally important in any physical endeavor.  This is what I have referred to in past posts as your Bio Intelligence (B-IQ™). do we do this in as simple a manner as possible?

1. Start with as simple a movement as possible.
2. Breakdown the movement by looking at it from the ground up (footwork, hand techniques, body positioning, etc.)
3. If you are using the PinPoint™ Method as your Kyusho learning tool, great...then just follow the drills as they will lead you directly to specific points that you can quickly learn and remember.


4. If you a…

Feeling the Pressure

Awhile back we had spoken about our B-IQ™.

Some of you might not know this, but I trained with Professor Wally Jay for over 15 years.  One of his 10 principles of Small Circle Jujitsu is Sticking, Control, and Sensitivity and is an integral part of understanding your B-IQ™.

In order to develop good sensitivity, one much train repetitively.  Part of having great technique is having a great understanding of body movement, not just your own, but that of different opponents of different shapes and sizes.

When I first started training in Kyusho, each weekend, a friend and I, Eric Greenfedder would get together and practice only 2-3 techniques over and over again until we could disect it from many different angles.  Not only did this give us a great feel for the gave us a great feel for an opponent and how they would react from many different angles.

Knowing when and when not to execute a technique is vitally important to obtaining the upper hand in an encounter.

This is w…

Using the Force

I know this is late with the Star Wars reference, but as I was teaching class last night, I could see one of the student's light bulb go off while we were practicing a throw.

Back in the day (which I think was a Wednesday, but I know the year was 1989), a woman named Anita told me about this fantastic martial artist who could barely touch you and you would fall down.  I was 22 years old and said, "Yeah...ok!"...especially when I found out that he was 72.  My response?  "A 72 year old man is not going to throw me on the floor."

As luck would have it he was going to be teaching in Delware with George Dillman and Remy Presas.  This man was Prof. Wally Jay.

Not only did this event put me on this journey that is in its 27th year...It has opened up many doors and opportunities to me.

The title of this post, "Using the Force" has a dual meaning, but the end result is the same..."That we resist...will persist."

When we resist an opponent's adva…

Guiding Principles

My question for you today is this...What are your guiding principles with regards to the personal art you are creating?

As we train, we are creating our own personal method based on the teachings of others.  This is our martial evolution.  Not only do our techniques become refined and evolve through our training...our thought process evolves as well.

This is part of the B-IQ™ I had spoken about a few weeks ago.  It is very difficult for our body to become more intelligent without our mind doing the same.  As we go through the training process...which is really a never ending process that also becomes refined as we "mature", we start to notice things that we did not maybe even as recent as the last class we attended.

This is similar to the aging process.  As I approach my 50th birthday next year...I am feeling things in places that I did not know existed:-)

So...back to the question at hand.  I will give you my guiding principles that I continue to refine as they evolve.  Th…